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Eelis Aleksi / Lumoava - Primus (pendant)
Eelis Aleksi / Lumoava - Primus (pendant)
189,00 €

The Primus jewelry series was inspired by the bright stars that have guided people through the centuries. We call Stars also strong figures, who act as great role models for others. These ideas were the epitome of Eelis Alex's stylized star jewelry, and the name of the jewelry set was aptly named Primus.

This is why the jewelry set is a great choice for the role models among us, leaders that you can always count on.

Note. Pendant also available with 70 cm chain (price 219 €).

  • Size: 28 x 33 mm
  • Chain, length: 50 cm or 70 cm
  • Material: Sterling Silver (Ag 925)
  • Design: Eelis Aleksi (Lumoava)

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