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Heikki Hartikainen / Lumoava - Ripple (pendant, small)
Heikki Hartikainen / Lumoava - Ripple (pendant, small)
149,00 €

In this jewelry series, Heikki Hartikainen was inspired by the movement of water in the stream. The wavy shape resembles waves, and the balls on the sides of the waves tell you about bubbles forming in the joyous play of water between the rocks and along the beaches. The reassuring sound of the creek became an idea in the name of a jewelry series, Ripple.

Ripple features jewelry for many ages, smaller and slimmer for a graduation gift and more spectacular for adult tastes.

Ripple serie comes in two different size pendants, two earrings and a brooch.

  • Size: 34x36 mm (diameter)
  • Chain lenght: 42 / 45 cm (adjustable) 
  • Material: Sterling Silver (Ag 925)
  • Design: Heikki Hartikainen (Lumoava)

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