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Heikki Hartikainen / Lumoava - Bead (bracelet with pearls)
Heikki Hartikainen / Lumoava - Bead (bracelet with pearls)
84,00 €

More than the eye can ever see,
deeper than the heart knows to be,
embrace that which resides inner most,
you’ll find the pearl to always hold close

Lumoava products are made in the world's northernmost jewellery factory in Kuopio, Finland. Silver jewellery products are processed to prevent darkening, so they remain beautiful even for years. 70% of the silver is recycled.

  • Size: 18/19,5 cm
  • Jewellery part: 16x10 mm, Pearl: 5,5 mm
  • Material: Sterling Silver (Ag 925)
  • Design: Heikki Hartikainen (Lumoava)

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