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Jewellery Care and Handling


Our collection is made of Sterling Silver (925/000), 14 carat gold (75 % gold), and bronze.

Silver Jewellery
Use a polishing cloth to clean slightly tarnished silver products of Nordic Jewel. Polishing cloths are available in jewellery shops. More tarnished silver jewellery can be cleaned with silver polishing paste. To avoid removing the oxide from a silver product, paste should be applied moderately. Apply the polishing paste with a soft cloth and clean the jewellery. To prevent the paste from causing stains on clothing, rub the paste off and wash the jewellery with water and very mild detergent. Chains can also be cleaned as instructed above. When cleaning a piece of jewellery, avoid rubbing the precious stones in it.

We do not recommend silver polish liquid!

Gold Jewellery
Nordic Jewel’s gold products can be cleaned with special cleaning agents for gold, available in jewellery shops. Gold jewellery can also be cleaned with water and mild detergent with a small and soft brush. Please note, that clasps should not be soaked in water, while this might damage the spring inside the clasp.

Bronze Jewellery
Bronze is an alloy that consists of copper, tin and zinc. It oxidizes and tarnishes more easily than precious metals. The new bronze jewellery collections are lacquered with a protective coating. When the protective coating is in contact with skin, it slowly wears off. The protective lacquering can be restored at Kalevala Jewellery for a small fee.

Bronze jewellery darkens without the protective coating and may discolor skin or delicate, light colored fabrics. Perfumes and hair sprays may also erode the protective coating. You should also avoid wearing bronze jewelry in the sauna and in chlorinated or salt water.

Areas where the laquering has worn-off may be buffed with a silver polishing cloth available from jewellery stores. After wiping your jewellery with a cloth, it is recommended that the piece of jewellery is washed with water and mild detergent.

Jewellery with Pearls
Cosmetics such as perfume, hair spray, moisturizing creams and perspiration can cause irreparable damage to pearls. To keep your pearls in good condition, wipe them with a soft cloth after wear. You can clean your pearls with a special pearl cleaner from time to time, preferably when they are re-strung.

The thread used in a pearl string is also exposed to cosmetics, perspiration and other impurities. Since the thread may be stretched and be weakened when a pearl string is worn, it is recommended to have the pearl string checked occasionally by a jeweller. If restringing the pearls is necessary, also ask the jeweller to check the clasp.

Pearls are delicate and should be stored and worn separately from other items of jewellery to avoid direct contact. Store pearls in a velvet lined jewellery box or silk pouch. Wearers are advised to put their pearls on last and take them off first.

Jewellery with Matte Surfaces
Precious metal is a relatively soft material, which means that it’s surface can become worn and scratched over time. For jewellery with a velvety matte finish, a worn-out, shiny matte surface can be restored to as good as new on your local jewellery store.

Porcelain is ceramic product made from kaolin, feldspar and quartz by firing. Porcelain was invented in China in the 7th century and Chinese porcelain became known in Europe in the 17th century. Porcelain can be cleaned by wiping it with a soft, damp cloth.

Leather is a soft natural material that will gradually wear out in use. In order to maintain the beauty of a leather ornament it should be cleaned every now and then. Leather may be cleaned with water and mild soap. After cleaning let the item dry thoroughly at room temperature before wearing it, since dyed leather may leak colour when wet. Wet leather should not be wrung, stretched or shaped. You should also avoid any unnecessary exposure to water (sauna, shower, chlorinated and sea water).

Few More Words of Advice
Stones set in our products should not be rubbed with cleaning agents.

Do not expose jewellery (especially the pearls!) to hair spray or perfume. Jewellery should not be worn in sauna or steam room, or in chlorinated or salt water.

Gold, silver and bronze jewellery should all be washed occasionally with water and very mild detergent. This prevents dirt attaching and accumulating on the jewellery and helps prevent tarnish.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our goldsmith: info(a)

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