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Heino, Anna

Heino, Anna

“My strengths as a goldsmith include detail in design and finding innovative solutions – for this reason, I would define my style as 'insightfully simplistic'. I search ideas for my designs everywhere in my surroundings. I like big, well-defined and elegant designs, patterns and surfaces. I also use a lot of colours in my jewellery.

I started my own company in the autumn of 2003. Since then, I have designed and produced unique pieces as well as entire collections, also for companies and organizations.

My collections include Fleuri (2002), Nonparelli (2004) and Bubbles (2005). I designed my Bubbles collection for my diploma work for the Lahti Institute of Design. I graduated in the Spring of 2005 majoring in Jewellery and Silver design. The Bubbles collection presents the very elements that I want to convey in my designs: innovativeness, lure and adaptability.

Ever since the beginning of my studies, I have had a strong desire to have an influence on the Finnish culture of wearing jewellery and its future. Through my designs, I have the opportunity to work on this goal.”

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