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Viitanen, Marjut

Viitanen, Marjut

"When was the last time you thanked yourself for an achievement, for your hard work or for inventiveness – or generally for you being you? Or would you like to make one of your friends happy by giving them something lasting and beautiful? Hand-made Finnish precious metal jewellery expresses appreciation and lasts through time. It brings joy not only to the eye but also to the heart; it sparkles your everyday life and your special occasions.

I like pearls and working with them; their delicate beauty has inspired me for years. Recently, I have been interested in Tahiti pearls; the subtle differences in the shades of their colours make each pearl unique. For this reason, the jewels in the Kupliva collection are each unique, no two peals are the same and each piece is manufactured individually by hand.

My interest in pearls has also been the basis for taking part in international competitions. In 2005, I made it to the final with my ring in the GoldSign competition organized by the Italian magazine Vogue Gioiello. In 2008, my ring Tuned won the Scandinavian category of the Tahitian Pearl Trophy competition.

I graduated as a goldsmith from the Lahti Institute of Design in 1998 and since then, I have work as an entrepreneur and trainer. In 2006, I did my degree of jewellery art alongside working. In order to constantly grow in your profession, I think it is very important to continue studying and to take part in different competitions and exhibitions. They bring variety to the everyday work routines and give new ideas to the design processes.

I manufacture rings and other jewellery as my own collections and to customer orders, based on the wishes of the customer. My customers include individuals as well as companies and organizations. The unique pieces are hand-made from various precious metals such gold, white gold and silver – and now also introducing unique titan rings.

From my collections, you can find jewels for all important moments of your life."


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