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Kauhanen, Heli

Kauhanen, Heli

Heli Kauhanen is a jeweller and object designer, Master of Arts and an entrepreneur.

What started out in her teenage years as a hobby and then arts studies, was followed by a diversity of studies at the Lahti Institute of Design giving her solid technical skills as well as an understanding about the technical aspects of the goldsmith’s profession. The subsequent Master of Arts studies in the University of Art and Design Helsinki deepened the artistic approach to her work and intensified her individual style.

Designer Heli Kauhanen has over ten years of experience as an entrepreneur. At the moment, Heli is working in her own design company, Spoonfull Design, but she also does freelance design work for example for Prime Design and works as a part-time lecturer in the Lahti Institute of Design as well as the Salpaus Further Education centre.

“The starting point for my designs is often artistic but on the end result, there is even more focus on the purpose of use of the piece”, Heli Kauhanen describes her customer-based method of working. “When a customer wants a unique piece, the most important thing of all is to see the customer as unique as well. The most important thing is to get to know the customer. This way, the end product will be something new and unique.

Heli Kauhanen describes her creative work projects as follows: “The work processes in artistic work have a lot of liberty and thereby, are perhaps also more challenging. Nature and its phenomena are amongst the greatest sources of personal inspiration for me. The impressions of wind, light and movement are reborn in the jewellery. As to materials, I especially like to work with silver, titan, glass and quartz”.

Spoonfull Design founded by Heli Kauhanen ten years ago is a design company that designs, manufactures and produces high-quality jewellery and accessories. The individual needs of the customer serve as the starting point for product design in Spoonfull Design.

The cornerstones of Spoonfull Design are quality, durability and everyday beauty but it is especially pleasing to be able to add a drop of luxury in the mix. Precious metals, stone, steel, wood and glass are the materials usually used in the products. Collaboration with the artisans of different fields is also an essential part of many projects.


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