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Arkko, Tiina

Arkko, Tiina

The Finnish Goldsmith Association’s 2007 “Goldsmith of the Year”.

“After graduating as a goldsmith from the_ Lahti Institute of Design, Finland_ in 1991, I worked for Georg Jensen in Copenhagen, Denmark for two years. Working at Jensen, one of the top companies in our field, was an amazing experience; it taught me how to work meticulously, responsibly and with perseverance. My time at Jensen gave me a good foundation of skills and know-how as well as a desire to create something long-lasting and beautiful.

I have had my own company since 1993 and a joint venture OZ Jewel with silversmith Vesa Nilsson since 1997. The jewellery is manufactured in our own workshop in Finland. Our shop is located on Unioninkatu, Helsinki.”

“Jewellery reflects the emotions, memories and important decisions that we want to carry with us. A presence that has been created to last forever. The most precious thing in a piece of jewellery is not the material, not even the design but all those moments when the jewel is taken out and used. Nothing is complicated at birth. At the moment of birth, everything is simple, clear and pure in its form. Bare. Jewellery design at its most accomplished is, as any kind of design, a process of protecting the original clarity of the idea from any unnecessary decoration or compromises. It is the luminosity and crispness of the moment of creation that make the most beautiful pieces of jewellery what they are.”


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