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"The jewels of the forest. Romance, details and handcraft – these are the products of my company SAVU Design Salonen

Being close to nature, individuality and courage are very important values to me. I like to design strong jewellery in which different surface structures and finishes form new and fresh design. I want my products to be as diverse as nature and humans are.

In nature and in life, strong emotions, stories, contrasts and the flowing of time inspire me as a designer. I have designed my jewellery so that they evolve with time; the true story of a piece starts in the hands of the customer.

In addition to jewellery, I also design watches. The most important elements in my watch designs are the story and the atmosphere. My first designs are SAVU, which draws it’s form from Finnish smoke sauna’s mystic peace, and the elegant and the subtle women’s watch Nemorosa. I make all my watches by hand out of precious metals.

All the silver I use is 75% and gold 100% recycled and my jewellery boxes are made of recycled materials."

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